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S Commercial Enterprises

Your first and last stop for power plants and ship services.

Safety tools

We can supply all of your safety tool needs for your power line and grids

Track Record

Customer First.

Sample List of Contracts/ Notification of Awards :

01. Erection of Super Petrochemical Pvt. Ltd. – Mechanical piping, valves & Installation.

02. Jhulda 100 MW Plant mechanical piping, valve & installation grating, supply of flexible joints, flow meter, pipe fitting, structural wire, fuel transmitter.

03. 33KV tester & phasing rod, 11kV tester & phasing rod, 11KV tester & phasing rod, 11KV Telescope hot stick 16 feet, 11KV Telescope hot stick 25 feet, Earthing and short circuiting devices, Hydraulic Compressing (Crimping) Tools with dies up to 630 sq. mm, Hand operated compressing tools and dies, Power saw for free Trimming, Safety belt with rope and accessories.

04. Speeder Gear for Turbine Governor.

05. Spare Parts (of GBC, Nitrogen Plant, Air compressor and PLC)

06. Pinguely Crane.

07. Turbine Supervisory system eg. Hitachi Integrated Automated Control System (HIACS 3000/6000/7000).

08. Speedtronic MK-Control Spares.

09. Ignition Flame Detection System for Gas Turbine.

10. Auxiliary Equipment (Air Compressor & Refrigerator Dryer)

11. Air Compressor’s Oil Separator.

12. Split Bolt Connector.

13. Supply of 11 kV Fiber Glass (Ins) Hot stick

14. Supply of 11 kV Hot Stick

15. Supply of Service dead end Clamp

16. Supply of Armour Rod

a) For Merlin Wire

b) For Dog wire

c) For Rabbit wire

17. Supply of (1) H –Type Connector & (2) Split bolt tap Connector

18. Supply of Service bail & H-Type Connecror

19. Supply of Compression Type connector


MECHANICAL: Different types of Valves, pipes,

ELECTRICAL: Transformers, XLPE Cables, CTs, PTs, Switchgears.